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Research & Practice Conference 

Our biannual Research & Practice Conference is a forum for professionals to share the Emotion Coaching -related research they had completed in their workplace settings. Research and practice being inextricably linked in applied settings is acknowledged.  We encourage the sharing of ongoing action based research relating to everyday practice practice as well as that reflecting project -based work.

Elementary School Teacher

Research & Practice Conference 


July 2021


Research & Practice Conference 


July 2023

EC Research Conversation Presentations

If you have undertaken or plan to undertake any research in Emotion Coaching, you will find these resources invaluable. Please read our Research Community Guidelines first.

ECUK Research Community Guidelines

Completed Evaluations

MARCH 2021

Developing Health Professionals Use of Emotion Coaching to support the social,

emotional and mental health development of children and families in Northamptonshire.


Gus,L.,  Modi, S., Krawczyk, K.,  Gilbert, L.,  & Stacy, W.



Attachment & Trauma and Emotion Coaching Training 

for Staffordshire Virtual School

Gus, L., Gilbert, L.

MAY 2018

Supporting adults to develop Emotion Coaching in schools.

Kingbsury Schools Together

Gus, L.

MARCH 2016

Somerset Emotion Coaching Project 

Rose, J., Temple, S., McGuire-Snieckus, R., Wood, F., Vatmanides, O., Parker, R. 

Key References


Gilbert, L., Gus, L. and Rose, J. (2021) Emotion Coaching with Children and Young People in Schools: Promoting Positive Behaviour, Wellbeing and Resilience.  Jessica Kingsley Publications. London * 

Gottman, J. (1997) Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child. Simon & Schuster, New York.*


Gottman, J. M., Katz, L. F., & Hooven, C. (1997) Meta-emotion: How families communicate emotionally. Psychology Press.


Siegel, DJ & Byrson T.P. (2012) The Whole-Brain Child, Constable & Robinson, London.* 


* Key introductory texts




  • Shortt, J. W., Stoolmiller, M., Smith‐Shine, J. N., Mark Eddy, J., & Sheeber, L. (2010) Maternal emotion coaching, adolescent anger regulation, and siblings’ externalizing symptoms. Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, 51(7), 799-808.


  • Wilson, K. R., Havighurst, S. S., & Harley, A. E. (2012) Tuning in to Kids: An effectiveness trial of a parenting program targeting emotion socialization of preschoolers. Journal of Family Psychology, 26(1), 56-65.


Emotion Coaching in Educational and Community Settings UK 



Emotion Coaching Links


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Remember we are all wearing spectacles!!
What is research about and what can we do with it?

There is no shortage of information to create knowledge and online platforms readily present us with sometimes 

contradictory reports from 'experts'.  This short article by Dr. Louise Gilbert considers how to identify what research and expert views are credible, useful and applicable to our lives and everyday world.   

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