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Developing an Attachment Aware Behaviour Regulation Policy. 

Guidance for Brighton & Hove Schools
"The purpose of the guidance is to promote a move away from traditional behaviour management approaches which often place huge emphasis on rewards and punishments linked to behaviour towards a more humanist, relational and universal approach, which is inclusive for all and can benefit the whole school community.  It is intended to encourage schools to develop their behaviour policies in line with Attachment Aware principles... and to ensure that their Behaviour Regulation Policy translates into whole school practice."


Sarah Ahmed

Assistant Principal 

Educational Psychologist

Brighton & Hove, September 2018.

Educational Policies Consistent With Emotion Coaching

Acle Academy, Norfolk

Acle Academy is a secondary school for 11-16 year olds and is part of the Wensum Trust.  The school firmly believes that children learn and make the most progress in an environment where they feel safe, well supported and cared for and where learning opportunities are maximised by adults who the students feel genuinely care about their progress and wellbeing.  The school pursues its aim to promote positive mental health and welling for every student and staff member by adopting a pro-active, humanist approach to relationships and a restorative approach to repairing conflict. 

Endeavour Federation, Manchester

Three schools in Manchester who cater for KS2, KS3 and KS4 pupils who experience signficant social, emotional and mental health difficulties. Endeavour Federation's vision is to provide therapeutic environments where pupils feel safe and secure and can then explore and enjoy learning Ibn order to reach their full potential. 

Neroche Primary School, Somerset

"Our vision and expectations of Live and Learn for life by being the best that you can be and showing that you care underpins our whole school approach to behaviour at Neroche. This policy aims to promote positive behaviour through the ongoing development of pupil’s emotional regulation and awareness"

Preston Park Primary School, Brent, London

"We are safe, happy and kind at Preston ParkWe ignite a love of learning that will last a lifetime.  We are curious learners confident to take risks.  We are world changers!


Helpful ideas when introducing Emotion Coaching as a whole school approach in Primary Schools

Implementation advice derived from a small scale survey


Licette Gus and Laura Meldrum-Carter (2016).

How to Introduce Emotion Coaching in Secondary Schools

Implementation advice derived from small scale


Licette Gus and Laura Meldrum-Carter (2016).

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