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Accredited Organisations
  Emotion Coaching Organisation
 We acknowledge those organisations that value Emotion Coaching as an approach as to how they communicate with each  other about emotions or situations that evoke strong and/or difficult feelings.  Emotion Coaching Organisations have: 
  • all staff trained in Emotion Coaching by an ECUK Practitioner Trainer
  • arrangements in place for all new staff to be inducted in Emotion Coaching within 6 months of starting employment
  • have identified an Emotion Coaching lead 
  • provided us with information demonstrating how they have used Emotion Coaching in their organisation
 In addition these organisations have incorporated additional practice which embeds Emotion Coaching into their culture.  This includes School Development Plans, projects to involve parents/carers, data tracking schemes, lanyards, posters,  assemblies and peer mentoring schemes.

Zeeba Royal


62 Duke of Wellington Avenue


London.  SE18 6SS

Zeeba Royal Arsenal cares for children aged   3 months - 5 years. Their children’s emotional wellbeing is at the heart of everything they do ​​and their philosophy is that every child they care for deserves a calm, caring, safe and stimulating environment in which to learn.

Taking care of staff wellbeing is also of prime importance to Zeeba Royal Arsenal.

Coritani Academy.png

Coritani Academy

Wyredale Road


Doncaster DN16 2PZ

Coritani Academy works with local schools and local authorities to ensure that students who cannot thrive in a mainstream school environment have a quality educational alternative.

The Academy believes that every young person should have the opportunity to succeed by being motivated and inspired.

Leyburn Primary.png

Leyburn Primary


Wensleydale Avenue


North Yorkshire


Leyburn Primary is a mainstream school.They value  being at the heart of the  local  community.  They  work and learn together to develop  all  aspects of the child, giving them the skills to  be  confident young people, so that they are able to play an active role as adults in  modern society.

Orchard Barns Stratford St Mary_edited.p

Orchard Barn

Stratford St Mary Nursery

Orchard Barns Stratford St Mary is a private day-care nursery that is one of a chain owned by the ICP company. Mental health and well-being of staff and children is an important part of their ethos. Children in the nursery are listened to, treated with respect, and their feelings are taken into account.

Goldsborough sicklinghall Federation.png

Goldsborough Sicklinghall Federation

Main Street, Goldsborough

North Yorkshire, HG5 8NJ 


Main Street, Sicklinghall

North Yorkshire,LS22 4BD

In the Goldsborough Sicklinghall Federation, the students are always at the center of all decisions. The federation is committed to providing the best possible standard of care, education, and breadth of opportunity for all its pupils. The federation recognizes that its schools represent distinct, unique communities, but they all share a core moral purpose, a similar set of values and aims, and a shared approach to learning. Best practices arising from these core values are shared across the federation for the benefit of the students.

Frenchwood Community Primary School.png

Frenchwood Community Primary School​

Frenchwood Knoll




There motto 'Together We Grow' embodies their commitment to nurturing every child's journey to success. The caring and dedicated staff teach essential skills and resilience, empowering students to thrive in a dynamic world. Embracing diversity as a cornerstone, the school fosters values of respect, kindness, and collaboration daily. Whether students are part of the longstanding 'Frenchwood Family' or new to the vibrant community, they unite in the pursuit of excellence. Working closely with families, the school upholds high standards in learning and behavior, ensuring every child fulfills their potential and embraces a bright, fulfilling future.

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