Accredited Organisations

Emotion Coaching Organisation
We acknowledge those organisations that value Emotion Coaching as an approach as to how they communicate with each other about emotions or situations that evoke strong and/or difficult feelings.  Emotion Coaching Organisations have: 
  • all staff trained in Emotion Coaching by an ECUK Practitioner Trainer
  • arrangements in place for all new staff to be inducted in Emotion Coaching within 6 months of starting employment
  • have identified an Emotion Coaching lead 
  • provided us with a case study demonstrating how they have used Emotion Coaching in their organisation
In addition these organisations have incorporated additional practice which embeds Emotion Coaching into their culture. This includes School Development Plans, projects to involve parents/carers, data tracking schemes, lanyards, posters, assemblies and peer mentoring schemes.
Current Organisations include:

  • Frenchwood Community Primary School, Lancashire 
  • Rowdeford School, Wiltshire
  • Mowbray School, North Yorkshire
  • Bird's Bush Primary School, Staffordshire
  • Calon Cymru Fostering, Wales
  • Leyburn Primary School, North Yorkshire
  • Zeeba Royal Arsenal, London
  • Northcote House Nursery, London
Primary School
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Rowdeford School
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