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Turkey: Emotion Coaching March online workshop

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Assoc. Prof. Nalan Kuru, an ECUK practitioner trainer, held her first online workshop in Turkey for around 50 Emotion Coaching trained teachers and parents. The aim was to provide an opportunity for all to come together to share their Emotion Coaching experiences and develop their practice. Dr. Louise Gilbert, one of the co-founders of ECUK, delivered the opening speech on the origins of Emotion Coaching in community and educational settings. She was able to answer questions because of the great translation skills and support of Deniz and Nalan.

The findings of a recent research study carried out by Assoc. Prof. Nalan Kuru and her team were shared with the group. Their study involved 100 adults who had received Emotion Coaching training. It revealed that the research participants believed Emotion Coaching training positively influenced their relationships with children. They identified that the Emotion Coaching approach had strengthened their bond with their children and helped the children to express their emotions better and to calm down more easily. The Emotion Coaching training also influenced their personal lives. Their awareness of the feelings of others had increased and their perspectives on situations had changed.

Workshop participants had opportunities to share reflections about their post-training experiences of Emotion Coaching in their personal and professional lives. They highlighted the positive effects of using an Emotion Coaching approach, particularly in their personal and professional relationships with children. This workshop provided a great forum for Emotion Coaching trained practitioners to come together to reflect on and share their individual and collective Emotion Coaching journeys.

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