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Interested in Emotion Coaching with adolescents?

One of Emotion Coaching's interest groups's agenda has a distinct adolescent 'feel' to it this term.

On July 3rd 2023 (9.30am -12.00pm) the 'Midlands' Interest group has two special presenters both talking about how they have used Emotion Coaching with adolescent pupils.

Karen Pickles, a Head Teacher from a special provision for children with speech and language and communication difficulties will be sharing a set of talking head videos she made with one of her adolescent pupils. This pupil explains what he has learned and how he has benefitted from being Emotion Coached by adults supporting him over a number of years at the school.

Bob Basley, a Practitioner Trainer with ECUK has been doing some interesting work incorporating Emotion Coaching in his individual sessions as a tutor for adolescent pupils receiving additional academic support following COVID lockdowns. Bob also has been incorporating Emotion Coaching into his work as Director of the Anti-Bullying Quality Mark-UK.

Whilst this is nominally named the Midlands Interest group. The meetings are held online and anyone is welcome to join. As well as the special presenters, there will also be the opportunity for people to share their experiences of using Emotion Coaching. These sessions always offer new ideas as well as an opportunity to come together as part of the wider Emotion Coaching community. As a person commented about a previous session "the group informs, inspires and refocuses".

Contact Adele Thacker at for the meeting video link.

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