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Emotion Coaching for Health Professionals

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

The initial two-day training in Emotion Coaching for Health Professionals was held in Kettering on 5&6 September 2019. This marked the start of the Public Health Project focusing using Emotion Coaching to mitigate the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), led by Sham Mahmood and Pippa Gilbert. Sarah Murray and Kirsten Krawyczk from Northamptonshire Educational Psychology Service (EPS) are taking the lead with respect to the EPS input into the project. This will focus upon implementation of Emotion Coaching into professional practice. Licette Gus from ECUK led the two-day training with support from Kirsten and Sarah.

Sarah Murray, Licette Gus & Kirsten Krawcyzk at the start of the Emotion Coaching and ACES Public Health Project

Feedback from the course included: that participants “had enjoyed the best 2-day’s training”. The structure of Emotion Coaching was seen to be supportive in Health Professionals work with families and “validating and labelling the child’s feelings” might be an added dimension to the work they are already doing to support families. Some Health Professionals wrote how the training” really made me consider my practice” . As is often the case with Emotion Coaching training within professional settings, many mentioned how it would be useful to them in their home life as well as work life!

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