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Remember we are all wearing spectacles!

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

There is no shortage of information to create knowledge and online platforms present us with sometimes contradictory reports from ‘experts’. Dr. Louise Gilbert presents a short article,

Remember we are all wearing spectacles! What is research about and what can we do with it?

that offers thoughts about how to identify what research is credible, useful and applicable to our lives and worlds. In this article Dr. Gilbert considers a number of questions and ideas:

1. What is knowledge?

The notion of our ‘knowing’ something is viewed as changing over time through our engagement with others and the natural world. Wondering as the start of ‘knowing’ is seen as a necessary precursor to make informed choices about research and its credibility.

2. What does a researcher bring to research?

We are reminded that no researcher or ‘expert’ is totally objective and we are reminded to consider how others define truth and reality to situate their research findings or opinions.

3. Does language matter?

Dr. Gilbert considers the interconnectedness of language and thought. She urges the need for awareness and tolerance for difference and considers how tightly boundaried thought systems can lead to a confidence in having a shared, well-defined knowledge and understanding. However, these boundaries need to be permeable to allow connections to other ways of thinking.

4. New ways of researching – new ways of knowing

Multi-disciplinary collaboration as a way of capturing and translating our understanding of the human condition is proposed with interaction, interconnection and relationships viewed as integral. The problems relating to multi-disciplinary collaboration are discussed in terms of naïve translation of scientific research leading to neuromyths and education-economy driven businesses both of which can detract from improving school and learning environments for children.

Find and read the full article on our research page

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