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We have been working hard over the summer to create new resources to demonstrate the four different styles of responding to emotions.

Our secondary-age 'Ethan' videos are available on our website, but we've been keen to add a version with primary-school-aged children.

These resources are designed to support understanding and illustrate the four differing emotional styles originally identified by John Gottman: Disapproving; Dismissing; Laissez-faire; and Emotion Coaching.

Louise Gilbert (one of the ECUK Cofounders), two talented and fun-loving children and their mums, spent two days filming a scenario that involves Mrs. P, the lunchtime supervisor, dealing with two children unhappy about being excluded from a playtime game. The filming took place at a Bristol primary school, who generously provided an ideal location, and due to the vagaries of this summer’s weather, accommodated our changing filming needs!

We were fortunate to have the amazing Geese Theatre Company again to direct the filming and to share the hard work, the great picnic lunches, and lots of laughs. Here is the link to Geese Theatre Company’s newsletter reporting on the work

We are so grateful to all involved in creating these films as we know how important it is to have relevant, thought-provoking and good quality resources to support Emotion Coaching training.

We're really looking forward to adding these primary-school-age video clips to the growing number of our free ECUK training resources.

You can find existing ones on this page of our website:

Watch this space for further updates on the launch…!

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