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Programme for Research Learning Day

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Emotion Coaching Research Learning Day - Programme

Saturday July 3 2021

09.50 Admit meeting participants

10.00 Welcome (Licette Gus)

10.05 Genesis for research into Emotion Coaching in educational and community settings in UK (Dr. Janet Rose)

10.15 Paper 1: Marianne Doonan – Senior Educational Psychologist, North Yorkshire County Council-Evaluation outcomes from an Emotion Coaching Action research project as part of an Attachment Aware Trauma Informed project in North Yorkshire.

10.38 Paper 2: Jo Davies – Deputy Head Teacher, Perry Hall Mat- Emotion Coaching as an approach to promote the emotional resilience and cognitive regulation of our disadvantaged KS2 children within writing lessons.

11.01 Paper 3: Dr. Kirsten Krawczyk – Independent Educational Psychologist – The impact of Emotion Coaching on school staff in a primary school.

11.21 BREAK

11.35 Paper 4: Dr. April Romney – Educational Psychologist, Staffordshire County Council - Facilitators and barriers to implementing Emotion Coaching in mainstream primary schools.

11.58 Paper 5: Licette Gus – Educational Psychologist, ECUK - Developing health professionals use of Emotion Coaching to support the social, emotional and mental health development of children and families in Northamptonshire.

12.20 Paper 6: Dr. Louise Gilbert, Research Lead, ECUK - Getting started with Emotion Coaching research as a practitioner in the workplace setting.

12.40 LUNCH

13.05 Welcome back (Licette Gus)

13.10 Research Snapshot 1: William Stacy, Research Assistant ECUK – Analysing the Professional Emotion Coaching Questionnaire.

13.22 Research Snapshot 2: Dr Nalan Kuru, Associate Professor, Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey - The Impact of Emotion Coaching Communication Training on the Lives of Preschool Teachers and Mothers: Sharing An Experience.

13.35 Research Snapshot 3: Nicky Shaw, Early Years Teaching Fellow, University of Strathclyde Emotion Coaching: Moving from Behaviourism to an Emotion-Regulation approach in a nursery.

13.45 Introduction to small group discussion: Obtaining pupil voice about Emotion Coaching (Janet Rose).

13.50 Discussion group - Leaders: Louise Gilbert, Janet Rose, Sarah Modi, Kirsten Krawcyzk, Marianne Doonan

14.05 Small group leaders feedback to plenary

14.20 Forum – Questions to any of the presenters of the day. Zoom chatboard to be used. People to indicate who they would like to ask a question to and brief outline of nature of question. (Licette Gus to facilitate)

14.50 Wrapping up and farewell (Licette Gus)

15.00 END

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