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EC with children and young people in schools - an interview

Updated: Jan 14

DR LOUISE GILBERT WITH HANNAH BUTLER (Dir. European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK- EMCC UK)

The EMCC UK podcast invites coaches, mentors, and supervisors to listen, share and reflect on their life and practice.

Their episodes cover issues such as diversity and inclusion, climate change, health and wellbeing, neurodiversity, and team coaching.

In October 2023, EMCC UK Director for Coaching Practice, Hannah Butler, talked to Emotion Coaching UK co-founder, Dr Louise Gilbert, about Emotion Coaching and about ECUK's book 'Emotion Coaching with Children and Young People in Schools'.

Coaching has obvious parallels with Emotion Coaching. We enjoyed hearing the reflections the book gave rise to in Hannah as she shared some thoughts about adult well-being and efficacy at work, and enabling systems to 'wrap themselves around a child'

Hannah reflected about the importance and power of adults learning about themselves. In particular, helping adults to reflect on how they can regulate the way they work in their context, so that they achieve better outcomes for themselves.

For Hannah this offered the opportunity for staff self-preservation when working in challenging contexts. Adults can be supported to think about employing Emotion Coaching themselves to help them to manage their own responses. This then gives them a more appropriate and considered response which leads to better outcomes for the adults.

This starting point lead to Hannah's observation that Emotion Coaching is not something that is being done to a child or young person, but it is very much with the child and young person - 'we're learning together'.

Hannah also reflected that behaviour it isn't just a result of individual relationships and interactions but is also a result of a wider system in which the relationships take place. Hannah mentioned that when a child or young person (C&YP) gains knowledge and understanding about the way their body works and the way they can work with their body to get the best out of the relationships around them, the system around the C&P is enhanced.

"If we all had 80 members of staff in a secondary school or 30 in a primary school trained in Emotion Coaching then the whole of the system is supporting the child and we have an approach which wraps around the child."

This system then supports the focussed 'team around the child' and the 'key adult' approach.

You can listen to the full podcast here:

And a reminder that you can purchase 'Emotion Coaching with Children and Young People in Schools' (Gilbert, Gus, Rose) via this link:

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