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NEW - Online Training Offer - Stage 1

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

As the first stage of our online training offer, we are making our training courses available to groups and organisations via video conferencing - Zoom.

We can offer any training length.  The longer training courses offer the best opportunity to learn about Emotion Coaching theory and how to use it in practice. However, we understand that organisations and groups have many competing pressures and so we are happy to work with what is possible.  We are now able to lead introductory/exploratory information sessions on Emotion Coaching and are available for consultations relating to individual or organisational needs.

Training Content

• Critical overview of recent neuroscientific evidence on how best to support children and young people’s self-regulation

• Insights into the stress-response and social engagement systems, attachment and the foundations for emotional regulation, positive behaviour and well-being

• Research for evidence-based Emotion Coaching practice

• Practical exercises and skill development in Emotion Coaching techniques

All training materials are written in English and the course content is delivered in English.

Who is the training for?

Anyone interacting with children and young people


Please contact us via the website

Costs (in Sterling, however, this training can be delivered to any country)

Basic Emotion Coaching UK Introduction Course (1-day)

£1200.00 (up to 50 people)

£1340.00 (50-75 people)

£1575.00 (75-100 people)

£ 1795.00 (100+ people)

Emotion Coaching UK Taster course (1/2 day - 3 hours)

£800.00 (up to 50 people)

£885.00 (50-75 people)

£1040.00 (75-100 people)

£1185.00 (100+ people)

Practitioner Emotion Coaching UK Core training course (2-day core course)

This satisfies the statutory attendance element requirement for Practitioner Trainer status

£2200 for up to 10 people 

Then an additional £200/person up to a maximum of £4400.

Introductory/Exploratory/information session on Emotion Coaching 

£300 - Hour meeting for up to 20 (contact us for a quote for groups greater than 20)

Individual Consultation Sessions


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