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NEW - Online Training Offer - Stage 2

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Training + Workshops

Following review not only do we now offer training via video conferencing – Zoom, we have taken the opportunity to redesign our training packages.

All of our one-day and two–day training courses now include ‘Developing Your Emotion Coaching Practice Workshops’ in the offer. These workshops usually take place within a month of the initial training, allowing participants to ‘have had a go’.

We know for EC practice to be adopted and sustained, active support from other experienced EC practitioners, as well as drive from the practitioners themselves, is required. It is through ongoing EC practise and opportunities to share and reflect with colleagues that practitioners become more competent in recognising emotions and more comfortable and willing to engage with them.

Please note that the Developing your Emotion Coaching Practice Workshops can also be accessed as ’stand-alone’ training for those who have previously participated in ECUK recognised EC training. Soon these will be able to be booked via the website.

1. Training Course Content

Each training course covers the following in varying depth:

Critical overview of recent neuroscientific evidence on how best to support children and young people’s self-regulation

Insights into the stress-response and social engagement systems, attachment and the foundations for emotional regulation, positive behaviour and well-being

Research for evidence-based Emotion Coaching practice

Practical exercises and skill development in Emotion Coaching techniques

2. Developing your Emotion Coaching Practice Workshops

During these workshops participants will be able to:

Share successes and challenges of using EC

Engage in discussions to develop EC in practice

Review personal and collective EC understanding

Explore the complexities and challenges of EC

Please see the training page on the website for prices.

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