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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Professionals completing MEP questionnaires at the start of Emotion Coaching training

As mentioned in our summer newsletter, one of ECUK’s research goals this year is to complete a factor component analysis on the Emotion Coaching Questionnaire (MEP). We want to validate the meta-emotion philosophy questionnaire that is used as a measure of change that takes place in adults’ thinking about emotions as a result of using Emotion Coaching.

Four ‘training+’ sessions have occurred at the start of this academic year and we have collected 170 questionnaires. We will continue to gather these during the term and hope to have all of these initial questionnaires matched with a repeated questionnaire by the end of the academic year. Thank you to the organisations and professionals that have participated so far and to Licette Gus and Marnie Aston for collecting the questionnaires to date.

Participating ‘training+’ organisations will receive an Emotion Coaching ‘top up activity’ pack to use in staff meetings or other ways to support whole school consolidation of practice.

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