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Cornwall Educational Psychology Service (EPS) was the first EPS in the UK to have their whole service trained in Emotion Coaching. They have been working with schools to support them in using Emotion Coaching (EC) for a number of years. This has been delivered through training, through casework as well as through parent workshops in schools. Following a recent top-up training session we asked Cornwall EPS to provide us with details of how they have continued to integrate EC into their offer to the community.

"As part of our roles in the Cornwall Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) Service and Cornwall EPS, we also identified how professionals (social workers, family support workers, parenting support workers, health visitors etc.) supporting parents would benefit from training in EC.

We felt that EC training would support these professionals in advocating a relational approach and tool, aligned with our service values. We are working with Early Help managers to develop a package of support based on EC for those families that need more targeted help to access learning and/or assimilate EC into their daily lives.

Our intention is to equip family workers with the skills to support parent learning through a series of home visits. This would include co-watching five parent-focused EC videos that we have created, discussing what this might mean in daily life - to bridge the gap between hearing new information and applying it to each family’s context - and revisiting and reviewing to hear about how strategies have been implemented.

The family worker will then integrate EC into regular conversations and model the approach themselves when interacting with children during future visits.

We have started to roll out training sessions for these professionals to increase their knowledge, understanding and skills. Feedback received so far has been very positive, with professionals sharing how they plan on applying EC in their direct work with families as well as with colleagues".

Zoe Stephens and Roosje Rautenbach (Educational Psychologists, Cornwall Council. Roosje is also a Practitioner Trainer with Emotion Coaching UK)

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