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Ines Gomes is an accredited ECUK Practitioner Trainer with several years' experience.

Here, Ines shares her experience of teaching Emotion Coaching to parents and her motivation to translate Emotion Coaching training into Portuguese:

The UK has a large Brazilian community and I support many parents and professionals who are Portuguese speakers. I am also aware that Emotion Coaching is not well known in Brazil and our culture can be seen as strict and authoritarian. For those reasons I decided to translate EC training into Portuguese. I managed to recruit twenty participants who were parents, or educational or mental health practitioners. Those participants were recruited via social media and a networking group.

The training was delivered via Zoom in three 2-hour sessions. We covered the physiological basis of Emotion Coaching and the stress response. This included stress experienced by children, and reflections on parent/carers' stress and the impact this can have when supporting their children's self-regulation.

'Empathy' was an important part of the training. Many of them as parents - although full of love --can struggle to 'think as a child would think' and go into their 'world'. This can impact their ability to both have an empathic response to their child's behaviour but also to communicate this empathy effectively to their child.

Explaining and reflecting on the 4 different types of responses to challenging emotions in others was an eye-opener to some participants.

We also spent quite some time on 'problem-solving' with a their child and thinking about repairing the harm their behaviour may cause.

The range of participants was as follows:

  • 60% were parents as well as practitioners

  • 80% had neurodiverse children or worked with them

All participants felt that the sessions increased their knowledge of Emotion Coaching.

As one participant said:

"It was enriching. A personal adjustment of one's own personality, and lightness when treating the other. I'm already using the technique with clarity!"

Find out more at:

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