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'Expectations' replaces 'Rules'

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Neroche Primary School our latest Emotion Coaching Organisation, have incorporated the relational ideas inherent in Emotion Coaching to develop their school culture. A great example is the recognition that having 'school rules' could act in a discriminatory manner if all pupils are not yet able to meet those standards at all times.

Acknowledging that part of their role as a school is to help children develop emotional and behavioural skills rather than assume these are already in place, Neroche Primary School have replaced 'Rules' with 'Expectations'; to 'be the best you can be' and to 'show that you care'. These expectations have been embedded across the school and are referred to frequently throughout learning and play.

Rewards and celebrations during weekly celebration assembly are linked to these two expectations with children specifically being chosen because they have demonstrated meeting one of these expectations. Children receive a ‘bee badge’ for ‘be the best you can be’ and a ‘fuzzy critter’ for ‘show that you care’. These children's achievements are also shared in the school newsletter.

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