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NE Interest Group: May 2022

This is a summary of the presentations that took place at the virtual meeting on 20th May 2022.

Marianne Doonan chaired the virtual meeting which was attended by primary, secondary and SEMH school practitioners and educational psychologists. Several speakers shared their Emotion Coaching journeys which generated much interest and discussion.

ECUK co-founder, Louise Gilbert, gave an overview of ECUK's training activities, community developments, new resources and articles regarding inter[personal neurobiology findings. A new practitioner-delivered parent/carer Emotion Coaching training course has been created for all accredited Emotion Coaching organisations. The inaugural ECUK Research Conversations Community meeting was so popular there was a call to hold it at least twice a year and make it available for novice and experienced researchers alike. Information about these meeting will be available on this website.

Tina Masterton, who works at an SEMH school which is an accredited ECUK Emotion Coaching Organisation, shared her doctoral action research project focused on creating emotion regulation toolboxes for use by parents/carers. Tina has worked closely with parents and carers to identify the most effective tools and techniques to support the diverse needs of children. Tina also recognised that there are diverse needs, and internal and external obstacles that influence the parent and carers uptake and perseverance. She believes that parent/carer emotional awareness and management act as a 'lock and key' in supporting children's emotional regulation.

Sarah Beveridge, Head of Leyburn Primary School (another ECUK Emotion Coaching Organisation), believed that playtime needs further attention. She shared their school's journey in developing outdoor play and learning. They had identified that ‘playtimes’ seemed to be a catalyst for children’s emotional dysregulation, which often then influenced post playtime learning. Spaces, resources and organisation of playtimes were adapted to promote opportunities for physicality, creativity, collaboration, and effort. Sarah found that when playtime was infused with Emotion Coaching, the activities and actions promoted mutual respect and empathetic relationships. This supported and sustained children’s engagement promoting learning opportunities to develop a positive sense of self and responsibility to the environment and with others. The changes made were transformative, promoting holistic health and wellbeing for all, so simple yet so powerful.

Marianne brought the meeting to a close by encouraging all to be brave and have a go at presenting their Emotion Coaching journey in the next meetings.

The next virtual meeting is on November 18th 2022.

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