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ECUK Research Community Conversation


We're delighted to welcome you to our second Emotion Coaching Research Community Conversation.

It will be held on:

Tuesday 15 November from 12.30 - 2.30pm.

It is a great opportunity to share in Emotion Coaching research experiences and to build your Emotion Coaching network.

All interested practitioners - at whatever stage of the research journey - are welcome to attend.

It's a chance to share skills and tips, discuss research interest, and connect with others. Our aim is to offer a safe and inclusive research community where all practitioners feel supported and engaged.

Dr Louise Gilbert, one of the ECUK co-founders and Research Lead, will be facilitating.

The proposed agenda is:


Update: EC research projects

Practitioner Presentation: Delivering EC training courses to parents/carers

Practitioner Presentation: Introducing EC into settings

Discussion groups: Opportunities to share research experiences

Research focus spot: Starting out in research: Getting a handle on ontology & epistemology

Thank you and close

You can RSVP by booking your free ticket here:

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