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EC Research Conversations

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

The inaugural RESEARCH CONVERSATIONS MEETING was held in Spring 2022 - facilitated by Dr Louise Gilbert, one of ECUK co-founders.

One of the aims of Emotion Coaching UK is to create a safe and inclusive online research community, where all researchers, wherever they are in their research journey, feel seen, supported, and not alone.

As a virtual community participants can: connect with others, share research journeys, and discuss research interests. It’s a space where both the ‘process and product' of research can be explored. It’s an opportunity to develop skills, and pick-up tips and tools to support you as a researcher. In sharing research conundrums, we can all begin to accept and normalise and gain confidence to manage and admit that real research journeys are full of surprises!

Our first Emotion Coaching Research Conversations (ECRC) meeting had 17 participants - practitioners from the UK and abroad - keen to share their journeys and shape the research community. Practitioners shared their research journeys in small breakout rooms, and we then discussed the logistics, format and content of future ECRC Meetings.

The proposed frequency and access is as follows:

  • Meetings to held online 2 - 3 times per year

  • 2 hours in length

  • Open to all interested in Emotion Coaching and research journeys - from beginners to seasoned travellers

Structure of ECRC meeting:

  • Welcome and agenda

  • A short formal taught session on research topics – listed in the advert for particular Research Community Conversation meeting. Topics can be suggested but common requests include: ontology, epistemology, research ethics, paradigms, qualitative and quantitative methods, data gathering and analysis, literature reviews, writing up and next steps

  • Opportunities to present your research journey and reflect with others

  • Flexible sessions on research trouble-shooting as and when needed

The ECRC meeting will be facilitated by ECUK initially, however, this is open to negotiation as the group becomes established.

ECRC Resource Depository

There will be an online depository (set up by ECUK) to allow participants to access shared resources. This will be a Google Drive facility. Access to the depository will be shared with community participants.

ECRC participants may choose to share their details, however, there will be no central held list.

The meetings will be advertised via the Emotion Coaching UK website and participants will be able to register to attend.

The next Emotion Coaching Research Conversations Meeting:


12.30 - 2.30PM


Information and access to registration will be through the ECUK website:

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