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Louise Gilbert


Dr. Louise Gilbert (PhD, MSc,PGCE,RGN,BSc(Hons)) is a co-founder of Emotion Coaching UK and an Emotion Coaching Principal Lead. Her doctoral research, 'Introducing Emotion Coaching into primary, secondary and early years educational settings:


The voice of the practitioners and model of engagement',is informed by the practitioner experience of training and using Emotion Coaching in practice.


The model of engagement, identifies  the process of Emotion Coaching integration, both as a technique and an approach, and provides a useful evaluation tool.


She has a working background in health and education and with her colleague, Dr Janet Rose, she designed, delivered and is evaluating the first UK Emotion Coaching research project. This implemented a sustainable, community-wide, cross-disciplinary approach to promoting children's well-being and resilience (Rose et al., 2015).


The programme of has been successfully replicated in local authorities, universities, schools, early years centres and community settings nationally and internationally, and adapted to also train specialists groups in health and social care, primary and secondary aged peer-mentors and parent groups.


She has contributed to the development of online professional training programmes and involved in the design and delivery of resources for projects to promote holistic integration of emotional well-beings into school and settings, such as the Attachment Aware Schools Project. Louise is also a registered trainer for the ‘Tuning into Kids’ programme.
Louise has presented Emotion Coaching research findings to national and international conference audiences, delivered keynote speeches at continuing professional development conferences, and run workshops for multidisciplinary and specialist groups. She has co-authored research papers and chapters on Emotion Coaching, which appear in national and international journals and books. Her most recent co-authored book is Health and Wellbeing in Early Childhood.

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