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Emotion Coaching
Training Model

Emotion Coaching UK training is an evidenced based training programme

which has been successfully delivered to many thousands of people around the world

Our Emotion Coaching training model operates via a cascading approach. The aim of this is to develop training and practice that is able to be sustained locally.   Our experience suggests that Emotion Coaching is best delivered and supported by people who work in the communities in which the training takes place. This promotes adoption of the practice and systemic implementation.

Our cascading training framework starts with identifying people who are interested in taking a lead in Emotion Coaching in their organisation.  These people attend our two-day core training.  These trainings are held at least twice a term.  These people then develop their own use and expertise in Emotion Coaching and become accredited Practitioner Trainers with us. The process for all of this takes about 3-4 months.  Accreditation costs £80 for the first year dropping to £75, then £70 in subsequent years. 

This accreditation gives practitioners access to the full range of training materials we use and support within our Emotion Coaching community of practitioner trainers from around the UK (and internationally). The main event being an annual Practitioner Trainer Learning Day (free of charge).


The Emotion Coaching leads for the locality plan, deliver training and support the use of Emotion Coaching in their local context.  Emotion Coaching UK are able to offer support to these local leads.


The following diagram attempts to depict this cascading model of training delivery and support.


Whilst a cascading model of delivery and support for Emotion Coaching training is our preferred model, we are aware that sometimes following attending our two-day training or having heard about our wonderful trainers and the rich and powerful training experiences people have had with them, some organisations would like to have our trainers deliver training in Emotion Coaching for them. 

We are able to offer a limited number of training experiences for individual organisations:

Bespoke Training for Your Organisation

We provide a limited number of training packages in Emotion Coaching to organisations and groups.


Each training session will be a combination of presentation and practical activities.

The training programmes are designed for communicating with all children and young people. 

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